Friday, September 12, 2014

Game Arrivals: Sept 7th - 13th

Come in and check out this week's game arrivals. This week's shipment includes includes some new games.  Here's a look at what came in:

In follow up to their smash hit game, Splendor is Black Fleet from Space Cowboys.

In Black Fleet, each turn has players in control of 3 ships, each performing different actions to win doubloons. Accumulating doubloons to buy your victory card is the goal to winning.  Player's use their merchant ship to transport goods to ports to obtain doubloons. Their pirate ship is out on the open seas waylaying their opponents merchant ships, seizing their goods, and then burying it on one of the treasure islands.  Additionally, on each round a player will maneuver one of the 2 common navy ships in an effort to sink an opponent's pirate ship.  There are movement cards, fortune cards, and development cards to help you along the way.  This game looks cool out of the box with a big colorful game board, ships, and metal doubloon coins.

Watch this Origins preview of Black Fleet

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New from Fantasy Flight is Age of War by world-acclaimed game designer Reiner Knizia. Other games by Reiner Knizia that you might recognize include Tigris & Euphrates, Lost Cities, Loot, Ra, Battle Line, and Ingenious.

In this fast-pace game, players are Japanese feudal lords trying to conquer castles and unite the warring clans. The game consists of 7 custom dice with symbols that make up the military force, and 14 castle cards that have victory points both as a stand-alone claim and as a clan set.  On a turn a player will roll the 7 dice and try to fulfill the battle requirements on one of the castle cards. They will continue rolling until they have either exhausted their dice or have conquered and claimed the castle.  Additionally, players can conquer their opponent's castles adding them to their claims.

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New in from Steve Jackson Games is Munchkin Princesses, the latest in 15-card expansion pack for Munchkin. Join the ranks of royalty . . . then go right back to killing monsters and taking their stuff. 

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