Friday, January 9, 2015

Game Profile: Five Tribes

It’s when, how, and where you dis-place the 5 tribes of meeples that will determine your victory or failure!

Classification Strategy Game
Mechanics Area Control, Modular Board, Auction Bide, Card Drafting, Set Collection
Publication Days of Wonder, 2014
Ages 13+
Time 40 - 80
Players 2 - 4

Five Tribes is the most strategic game ever produced by Days of Wonder.  The game features a modular board of 30 tiles which will be randomly placed in a 5x6 grid.  Each tile has victory points ranging from 4 to 15.  Each tile also offers 1 of 5 different actions.  There is a deck of 22 Djinn cards that can be acquired that offer victory points ranging from 4 to 10.  Each Djinn card offers a unique special ability.  There is a second deck of cards featuring 9 types of resources that can be acquired to form sets to claim gold or victory points.  The game is named for the 5 Tribes of meeples that will be randomly distributed at 3 meeples per tile before the start of the game.  Each tribe uses a special ability when used on a player’s turn.  The 5 Tribes consists of: Viziers – worth victory points, Elders – gain & activate Djinn cards, Builders – obtain gold, Merchants – obtain resource cards, and Assassins – kill meeples.  All of this means no 2 games will ever be the same.

The mechanics of a players’ turn are simple.  Take all of the meeples from one tile, drop one on each tile you cross until your last meeple lands on a tile that has at least one meeple of the same tribe – hence the term “dis-placing”.  Remove all of the meeples of that tribe from the tile and complete that tribes’ special ability.  Then choose if you would like to exercise that tile’s ability.  The decision making along the way is not so simple.  Turn order is critical and is bid on before the start of each round.  It cost gold to go early in the run order.

Your strategy and the strategy of your opponents will materialize over the first several rounds.  Movement will become clearer as meeples disappear from the tiles.  However, it feels like every decision is vital.  How much to spend on turn order is significant, managing money is necessary.  Using the right tribe at the right moment is the key to maximizing points and achieving victory.  This is a game that will make you think.

We have an open copy of Five Tribes available in our Demo Games Library for you come in and try.

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