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Game Arrivals: Week of Feb. 1st - 7th

Come in and check out this week's game arrivals.  Here's a look at the arriving games:

Just in from Pearl Games/Asmodee is Deus, one of the hot new games coming out of the prestigious Essen Game Convention.  Deus is by game designer Sebastien Dujardin who co-designed the board game Troyes.

Pearl Games/Asmodee
In Deus 2-4 players are leaders of an ancient civilization competing to build their own empire on a central Continent game board. 

Deus has a modular game board made up of rounded hex Continent tiles. The size of the game board layout will be determined by the number of players. Each player will have an individual tableau board that consists of color slots corresponding to the 5 types of Building cards (blue-Maritime, green-Production, yellow-Scientific, brown-Civil, and red-Military).  Each building card has a cost to purchase, a power effect, and related building game piece - various building shapes, meeples, or ships. 

Constructing a building consists of playing a building card to the player's tableau in the appropriate building color slot and then placing the associated building pieces in regions on the Continent.  The player can then utilized all of the effects of all of the building cards in that color column. The powers of the building cards allow players to strategically placed their buildings on the Continent to gather resources, money, and victory points.

We have an open copy of
Deus available in our Demo Games Library for you come in and try.

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Also just in is Village Port, the 2nd game expansion for the award-winning board game Village.  

Village Port
Tasty Minstrel Games

Life now expands beyond the village with the Port game expansion. This expansion actually consists of 2 expansions: the main Village Port expansion and a small expansion called Life Goals. Both can be combined in any way with the base game and the first expansion, Village Inn.

With the Village Port expansion players have the option of boarding their own ship and travelling the seven seas.  Hire captains, sell domestic goods, and pick up foreign commodities. Send family members as missionaries to far away islands and dig up treasure chests.  In addition, their are life goal cards that let players pursue a career - become a writer, a historian, or even a knight.

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Back in is Sheriff Of Nottingham an exciting card game of bluffing, bribery and smuggling.
You have come to Nottingham with your Goods on market day, and the only thing standing between you and your hard-earned profits is the Sheriff. All you need to do is bluff or bribe your way past him… or maybe, tell the truth!
Sheriff Of Nottingham
Arcane Wonders

In Sheriff Of Nottingham players are merchants that want to make as much profit as they can by delivering their goods to market.  Players take turns assuming the role of Sheriff, who must decide which merchants pouches to inspect and which to let pass without inspection.  The merchant's goal is to convince the Sheriff as to what may be in their pouch of goods using any means necessary.  A little bribery here, a little bluffing there as their pouches may contain contraband.  At the end of the game, the player with the most wealth wins.

For a good laugh watch this episode of TableTop hosted by Wil Wheaton.

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Just in time for Valentine's Day is Munchkin Love Shark Baby, the latest booster pack for Munchkin.  This booster pack Contains 15 non random cards that can be played with any standalone Munchkin game.

Here's a little something for that special munchkin in your life!  More monsters to slay, more treasures to steal, more curses to dodge . . . all in the name of True Love. (Love of loot and levels, that is!)

Munchkin Love Shark Baby
Booster Pack
Steve Jackson Games

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Restocked this week is Coloretto, a family-friendly light strategy card game from Rio Grande Games.

Rio Grande Games

Coloretto is made up of 7 color suits of chameleon cards, wild chameleon cards, bonus point cards, place holder cards, and a game ending card.  The goal of the game is to accumulate as many cards of 3 different color type chameleons as you can while minimizing the number of the other colors you get. Only 3 different color types in your collection will score positive points while any of the other colors score negative points.

At the start of each round the central play area will have a number of place holder cards equal to the number of players and a draw deck containing all of the other cards with the round ending card placed about 15 cards up from the bottom of the stack.  On each turn players will either draw a card and place it in front of one of the place holder cards or take one of the rows of cards from a place holder card.  Once a player has taken a row those cards are then placed in the player's collection area sorted by color. This player is done drawing and taking cards until the end of the round.  Play continues until all players have taken a row of cards which signals the end of the round.  Begin the next round by placing all of the empty place holder cards back into the middle of the play area.  Repeat rounds until the game ending card is drawn.  Finish the last round and then score everyone's collection. The more cards of a color type you collect awards higher points.  But be careful lots of cards in a 4th, 5th, or more suit will give you big negative points.

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Other Restocks:

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