Saturday, May 30, 2015

Game Arrivals: May 26th - 30th

A Reiner Knizia classic game is back in print!

Hitting the shelves this week are:

Fantasy Flight has brought back Reiner Knizia's classic game Tigris & Euphrates.
Tigris & Euphrates
Fantasy Flight

This edition of Tigris & Euphrates maintains the game's original mechanics while giving it an updated look based on the art of Sumer and Babylon.
It also features all the components necessary to play advanced variations, from a double-sided game board and civilization buildings to a wonder tile and accompanying idol.

Tigris & Euphrates is a tile placement game set in Mesopotamia at the dawn of urban development.  Players will take on the role of rulers competing to build their civilization. They will have to develop all 4 segments central to civilization - housing, agriculture, commerce, and religion.  Each player will have a dynasty of 4 leaders representing the 4 segments - a king, a farmer, a trader, and a priest which are used to gain victory points.  During the course of the game players will position their leaders, create and extend kingdoms, build monuments, and resolve conflicts.  In order to win players will need to develop a balance between their 4 segments.  At the end of the game, players compare their lowest scoring segment with the winner being the player with the most victory points in their lowest segment.

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Back in stock is Alchemistsa game of strategy, risk, and deduction.

Czech Games Edition
In Alchemists players are alchemists competing to discover the secrets of their mystical art. Points can be earned in various ways, but most points are earned by publishing theories – correct theories. Therein lies the problem. Players gain knowledge by mixing ingredients and testing the results using a card-scanning app on a tablet or smartphone. They deduce how to make potions that they can sell to adventurers. Gold pieces can be spent on magical artifacts, which are very powerful but also very expensive. Players’ reputations go up and down as their theories are published or refuted. At the end of the game, reputation is converted to points. Points are also scored for artifacts and grants. The player with the most points wins.

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Other Restocks:

daVinci Games
A wild-west shootout
card game between a
group of Outlaws and
the Sheriff, who is their
primary target.

Eldritch Horror
Foresaken Lore
Fantasy Flight
Perilous and strange
new encounters await.
Ancient Ones defeated
in the past attempt to
reclaim the world with
this game expansion.

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