Thursday, May 14, 2015

Game Arrivals: Week of May 10th - 16th

More new games have arrived! 

New from Dice Hate Me Games is Brew Crafters, a worker-placement strategy board game centered around crafting beers. Brew Crafters is played in 12 seasons covering 3 years.
Brew Crafters
Dice Hate Me Games
Players must effectively manage their own local craft brewery. They will compete in the local market for specialized workers, ingredients, local partnerships, and private investors.  Each brewery starts out with a simple single batch processing line. a warehouse, a research lab, and spaces to add other buildings and equipment. Players will need to install and upgrade equip in order to process more varieties and increase the bottling output.  Maybe add a tour and tasting room. Utilizing your Research Lab can provide additional benefits related to ingredients, operations, and brewing. At the end of each winter season, players must pay operating costs for their buildings, equipment, workers, and work shifts.

Click here on Brew Crafters to more learn more from designer, Ben Rosset.

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In from Z-Man Games is Lords of Scotland (2nd Edition), a card game for 2-5 crown-hungry Scottish Lords.
Lords of Scotland
Z-Man Games
The throne of Scotland lies empty and the clans fight each other to lay claim to it. As a Lord of Scotland, you are gathering the loyalty of clans by showing your prowess in battle. Gather enough support and you will be able to claim the throne and be crowned king.

Lords of Scotland is played over a series of skirmishes consisting of 5 rounds each. You win by being the 1st to gain 40 strength worth of supporters.  Each card represents 1 of 8 normal Clans or a royal Clan and has a unique rank, a strength value, and a game altering power.  Each card can be use to recruit, to muster a follower into your army, or be a supporter.  A player's army can double it's total strength value if it is comprised of 2 or more followers from the same Clan.
Lords of Scotland

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