Saturday, July 18, 2015

Forbidden Stars: Game Play Review

Normally I'm not a war game player, but last night curiosity led me into a game of Forbidden Stars with Mike H. and Eric I.  The modular board and the cool miniatures will get you to the table.  The game play will get you to the table again. Each of the 4 factions have their own special abilities & units.  I think with me as a leader, the Chaos Space Marines were more chaotic than an effective fighting force.  It is war and it's in space so you will place 4 orders per round over the 8 rounds. The orders allow players to conquer planets and kick others out of planets in order to build factories, cities and bastions.  You need multiples of each building and they must each occupy a different planet.  Since there are a limited number of planets, kicking people off of planets is not only entertaining but absolutely necessary.  Bastions help you defend planets.  Factories let you build more units and cities let you build more powerful units.  According to the rules the way to win is to capture objective tokens which are inconveniently located on planets behind a wall of planets controlled by another faction.  The only way to win is to build, attack and destroy accompanied by a maniacal laugh.

Forbidden Stars
Fantasy Flight

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