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Game Arrivals: July 23rd - 31st

 Here's a look at our most recent game arrivals:

Following in the heels of his popular hit game Splendor is Barony the next game by game designer, Marc AndrĂ©.
Barony is a strategy game for 2 to 4 players who will compete for power and the title of king.  Play takes place on a modular board consisting of mountains, forests, plains, fields, and lakes hexagon tiles.  Each player begins the game as a lowly baron worth 0 points, a reserve of knights, villages, cities, and strongholds.  To become the King, players will have to use their tactical skills to expand their regions.  Knights serve not only as defenders and attackers but also as the resource to create new villages or strongholds.  Villages can be converted to cities.  Two important elements are the creation of cities and the accumulation of resource tokens. Cities earn you victory points and are the primary place you can recruit additional knights.  Where you place your villages and strongholds determines the type and value of resource tokens you receive.  Resource tokens serve as the mechanism for upgrading your nobility rank moving from Baron to Viscount, to Count, Marquis and then Duke.  Each progression earns you additional victory points. The player who first reaches the status of Duke triggers the end of game.  The player with the most points becomes King.

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Newly released from Gale Force Nine, are these two expansions for the base game Firefly: The Game.

Firefly The Game
Gale Force Nine
Firefly The Game
Gale Force Nine

Based on the Series 4 Firefly Chassis, the Esmeralda is the perfect ship for discreetly carrying people who don't want to be found to places they won't be followed.  The Esmeralda Expansion includes new Story and Set Up cards, a purple Firefly Series IV ship, a drive core, and 5 ship upgrades.

Named for the late Hoban Washburne and built on the newer Series IV Firefly Chassis, the Jetwash befits its namesake: fast, with plenty of tricks up its sleeve.  The Jetwash Expansion includes new Story and Set up cards, a green Firefly Series IV ship, a leader card, a drive core, and 4 ship upgrades.

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Tall Card
Toy Vault

Straight out of the Firefly 'verse comes Firefly: Tall Card. The rules and artwork of this card game will put you right on board the Serenity playing the same game as seen in the TV series.

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Marvel Dice Masters
Age Of Ultron
Wiz Kids
Also releasing another in their Dice Masters line from WizKids is Marvel Dice Master: Age Of Ultron.  We have in stock the 2-player starter sets and the dice and card foil expansion packs.

Marvel Dice Masters: Age of Ultron
features fan favorites like Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, and Thor with all new cards and dice.

Characters never before seen in
Marvel Dice Masters will also make an appearance, including Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Captain Marvel, Daredevil, Kang, and many more.

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Traders Of Osaka
Z-Man Games
Traders Of Osaka is an economic set collection and hand management game for 2-4 players that takes about 30 minutes to play.  A compact game that packs a punch. 
Players take on the role of merchants shipping four different types of cargo from Osaka to Edo along the coast of Japan. During the game, players will be buying goods, collecting income, and earning victory points. Players will also control how quickly or slowly the communal ships move along the coast with their goods. They also must prepare for the dreaded Black Tide, which can sink ships, costing you both time and money.
As players delivery goods to Edo, they will earn both achievement tokens and cards to add to their score pile. Once a player has earned their 8th achievement token, the game ends and the player with the most victory points wins.

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Adventure Time
Card Wars
Ice King vs Marceline
The next in the line of Adventure Time Card Wars Collector's Packs have arrived. The Ice King vs Marceline Collector's Pack come ready-to-play right out of the box. 
Adventure Time Card Wars is an easy-to-learn 2-player card game based on the animated TV series Adventure Time
Ice King and his IcyLand's deck take on Marceline’s dark and crafty Useless Swamps & NiceLands deck.
IcyLands Creatures are all about attacking directly. They would prefer to avoid attacking other Creatures.
Marceline’s deck is a Useless Swamps & NiceLands deck. This is the first time that NiceLands has been paired with another Landscape type, and the chemistry is going to burn hot! The Useless Swamp side of the deck is themed around denial, discard, and dirty tricks.

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More Cheapass Games are hitting our shelves.  In are Give Me The Brain! The Original Fast-Food Zombie Card Game and Stuff And Nonsense.
Give Me The Brain
Super Deluxe Edition
Cheapass Games

Welcome to Friedey's, the Fast Food Restaurant of the Damned, where the poor Zombies have only one Brain to pass around.

Players are zombies working at a fast-food establishment, and must finish a hanful fo chores before they can go home.  Some of these chores are so comlicated that they require a Brain. Or rather, The Brain, since there is only one.

The goal is to empty your hand of cards.  You'll need a little luck, a little skill, and a little patience. But mostly, you'll need to get your hands on that Brain.

Stuff And Nonsense
Cheapass Games

Stuff And Nonsense is a game of low adventure, featuring a cadre of would-be-explorers who never actually leave home.  Players will wander the outskirts of London, collecting evidence of their imaginary journeys, then return to the Adventurer's Club to spin their web of lies.

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  • Unexploded Cow
  • Patchwork

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