Friday, August 21, 2015

Arrivals: Week of Aug.17th - 22nd

Come in and see the new games and game expansions that arrived this week.

New York 1901
Blue Orange Games

Newly released from Blue Orange Games is New York 1901, a great family game about shaping the historic skyline of New York during the 1901 skyscraper boom.

Players will acquire land build on it and work towards the bonus challenges.

New York 1901 comes with colorful skyscraper building tiles and components that include skyscrapers as scoring tokens and worker figurines.

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Machi Koro
Millionaire's Row
IDW Games

Hot off the presses is Millionaire's Row, the next expansion to the popular fast paced, city building, dice rolling card game Machi Koro.

The Millionaire's Row expansion brings 13 new establishment cards such as vineyards and wineries, fine French restaurants and Members Only clubs all with more powerful effects.  Players will have the ability to close down an opponent's building, albeit temporary if that opponent can roll the value necessary to reopen it.  Additionally, some the effect of some establishment cards activate only when a specified number of landmark cards are either active or inactive.

Millionaire's Row and the Harbor Expansion can be combined with the base game Machi Koro for an even bigger and bustling city.

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Suburbia 5 Star
B├ęzier Games
Also new in is Suburbia 5 Star, the 2nd expansion to the base game Suburbia, a tile-laying game where each player plans, builds, and develops their township into a major metropolis.

Suburbia 5 Star brings 50 new unique building tiles, a new resource to manage, and components for a 5th player.

Turn your borough into a tourist destination.  Build landmarks, monuments, and tourist traps to increase your reputation and income while determining the player order each turn.

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