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Game Arrivals: Week of Aug. 10th - 14th

Here's a look at our most recent game arrivals:

The much anticipated expansion to Five Tribes has finally been released and is now in stock - The Artisan Of Naqala.

Five Tribes
Artisans Of Naqala
Days Of Wonder
Represented by purple Meeples, the Artisans make up a new Tribe and add a new layer of strategy in the game. With their help, players will be able to have precious or magic items crafted. Some of them are worth Victory Points, while others unlock special powers.
To accommodate these new Meeples, the expansion also features new Djinns and new Tiles: Workshops (where the Artisans craft their Items) and Specialized Markets (where players can buy specific Merchandise when needed).
An impassable Chasm Tile, as well as Mountain markers, also force the players to adapt their strategy when moving Meeples on the board.

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  It's not just another day at the lab.

Dice Hate Me Games
Compounded is a game about building chemical compounds through careful management of elements, a fair bit of social play and trading, and just a bit of luck. 

In Compounded, players take on the roles of lab managers, hastily competing to complete the most compounds before they are finished by others – or destroyed in an explosion. Some compounds are flammable and will grow more and more volatile over time; take too long to gather the necessary elements for those compounds and a lot of hard work will soon be scattered across the lab.

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Newly released from Looney Labs is Batman Fluxx, the latest in their line of themed Fluxx card games.

Batman™ Fluxx
Looney Labs
It’s game night in Gotham, and everyone's favorite Caped Crusader is on the job. Crime is running amok and no-one can win with Villains on the table — so put on your utility belts and leap into the fray to help Batman and his friends clean things up! Draw one and Play one is just the beginning… From camp to chaos, Batman™ Fluxx has something for every bat-fan!
It all begins with one basic rule: Draw one card, Play one card. You start with a hand of three cards... add the card you drew to your hand, and then choose one card to play, following the directions written on your chosen card. As cards are drawn and played from the deck, the rules of the game change from how many cards are drawn, played or even how many cards you can hold at the end of your turn.

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Are you ready to build a deck?

Deck Building
The Deck Building Game
Dice Hate Me Games

New in from Dice Hate Me Games is Deck Building: The Deck Building Game.

Deck Building: The Deck Building Game combines the thrill of building your deck with the excitement of building your deck.
Get your lumber and your tools - it's time to build the deck you've always wanted!  You and your neighbor are competing to make the best deck possible given the materials at hand, and only one of you can win.

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In this week are a series of Mystery Rummy Card Game, a card game that's a combination of traditional rummy and a good mystery and where you have a different ending in every game.

Mystery Rummy
Case No. 1
Jack The Ripper
U.S. Games Systems
The case of Jack the Ripper is reopened in this innovative card game that combines the strategies of traditional rummy with the elements of an exciting mystery.
The game features all of your favorite rules of Rummy, with card melds, points, and the like.  To go with this, the cards are all themed in a Jack the Ripper “London by Gaslight” theme.  There are victim cards, scene cards, evidence cards, and suspect cards.  To begin, someone must play a victim card before any evidence melds can be played.  Once a victim has been revealed, the players can begin placing their melds of evidence cards, which indicate which one of the 6 suspects might be the Ripper.  The more evidence cards in play, the more likely the given suspect is the infamous Ripper.

Mystery Rummy
Case No. 2
Murders In The
 Rue Morgue

U.S. Games Systems
Murders in the Rue Morgue is challenging and fun. . . a unique combination of a rummy card game and Poe's classic mystery.
"The assassin had escaped through the window"
...and Edgar Allan Poe's detective, Auguste C. Dupin, knows the orangutan did it! Still, Adolphe Le Bon has been arrested for the crime. Score points for compiling evidence cards and making brilliant deductions to capture the orangutan and prove your case. A stimulating game for two or three "detectives." With four players, enjoy the strategy of partnership play!

Mystery Rummy
Case No. 3
Jekyll & Hyde
U.S. Games Systems
Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde tells the classic story of the dual nature of man.
This game of strategy, based on the famous novel, allows players to score points by making melds corresponding to the current state of the main character’s split personality. The first player to score 100 or more points wins! 
The ultimate game-winning challenge is to “become” Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde.  Find out who you really are!

Mystery Rummy
Case No. 4
Al Capone

In Al Capone and The Chicago Underworld players collect Evidence cards for each gangster and score points by making melds. Playing Gavel cards adds a strategic twist to the game. If a player has a complete set of Evidence cards for any member of the gang at the end of a hand, it results in bonus points and if all eight Al Capone cards are in a player's possession—it's a Shut Out!

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