Thursday, August 13, 2015

Games Goes "Off The Charts": Deus and Lanterns

Two more games went "Off The Charts" this week.  It was little too far to take the board game Deus to Mount Olympus to play on our day off, so we chose Mt. Rainier as a good substitute.

We picked a picnic spot in the Henry Jackson Memorial Visitor Center and Paradise Inn area on the south side as a perfect spot for a game of Deus affording us with a nice view of the peak. The weather was picture and gaming perfect.

We really Deus enjoy as a 2-player game.  There are lots of cards with different abilities and we always get to see many of them through the discard and reload action when making an offering to the Gods.
In this game I managed to build enough temples to offset Lynn's aggressive military actions for the game win.  You don't have to drive to a mountain to play Deus.  It's a great strategy game wherever you chose to play.

Next we headed over to the north side of the mountain to the Sunrise Visitor Center taking in the beautiful scenery on the way.

Another picnic area afforded us the perfect spot for our next game, Lanterns

This is another of our go-to games when we're on the go.  We really enjoy this tile laying - set collection game with colorful tiles of lanterns.  We like the fact that it scales well at 2, 3, and 4 players as well as play in about 30 minutes.

Renegade Games

While Lanterns is easy to learn to play it is also tactical.  How do I place and orient my tile so that I get the cards I need without giving Lynn what she needs?  Lynn did manage to out score me in points for the game win.

All in all a fun day on Mt Rainier.

We have an open copy of both Deus and Lanterns available in our Demo Games Library for you come in and try.

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