Friday, October 23, 2015

Game Arrivals: Week of Oct. 18th - 24th

Come in and check out this week's game arrivals. This week's shipment includes includes some new games and game expansions.

Here's an overview what arrived:

     New Game Expansion!
IstanbulMocha & Baksheesh
Istanbul Mocha & Baksheesh is an expansion to the 2014 award winning board game, Istanbul.
Selling precious fabrics, the finest of spices, and the freshest of fruits in Istanbul was very good for business. But now the customers at the bazaar have discovered a new delicacy: coffee!As the cunning merchant you are, you sense the fortune you can make by selling the tasty bean. To overcome these new challenges, you will need more help than just that of your assistants. Luckily, for a baksheesh, the guests at the tavern are willing to take a little side job. Also, at the guild hall, you can find the valuable help you need.
Mocha & Baksheesh Expansion not only comes with new place and tavern tiles but includes a Barrier tile that can block players movements.  Additionally, there is a Guild Hall with special ability cards that you can play in place of using your Merchant or Assistants.

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   New Game Arrival!
Rebellion G54
Indie Boards & Games

Arriving in from the designer of Coup is Coup Rebellion G54, a new stand alone game set in the dystopian universe for 3 to 6 players.

Quick to learn, Coup Rebellion G54 uses the same fast rules as Coup - claim, counter, challenge, and bluff and then adds a strategic layer with character selection.  Each game plays with five character roles chosen randomly from a deck of 25 unique character cards.  The combination of abilities and interplay between these provides plenty of variability with each game.  The objective is to be the last player with influence (a face-down card) for the game win.

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           New Game Arrival!
CardLine Dinosaurs
CardLine: Dinosaurs, is the third in the CardLine series following on the heels of CardLine Animals and CardLine Globetrotter.

In CardLine Dinosaurs players are trying to be the 1st to get rid of the cards in their hand by placing them correctly in the central card line.  At the start of the game decide which of the 2 characteristic you'll be comparing; weight or length.
There are 110 double-sided cards.  Both sides of a card depicts the dinosaur , it's name, and it's geological place while only one side contains it's weight and it's length.

How well do you know your dinosaurs?

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        New Game Arrival!
One Night Revolution
Indie Boards & Games
From the designer of One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Ted Alspach comes One Night Revolution, a stand alone card game that combines some aspects of One Night Ultimate Werewolf  and The Resistance. 

One Night Revolution uses 2 sets of cards, ID cards that identify your loyalty as a Rebel or an Informant, and Specialist cards that determine the night action you will take.  During the Night phase players will secretly take turns performing the action on their specialist card. During the Day phase, each player will take a specialist token, claiming (truthfully or not) which action they performed in the night phase.  Next the discussions and accusations take place until the starting player calls for a vote.  Simultaneously, everyone will  point to the player they want to assassinate.  The Rebels win if an Informant is assassinated.  The informants win if no Informants are assassinated.

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          New Game Arrival!
Mysterium is a cooperative mystery solving game, in which everyone wins or loses together. All players share the same goal of uncovering the truth behind the death of the ghost that haunts the manor, thereby putting his soul to rest! 

Players take on one of two different roles but share a common purpose. Players play differently according to their role: The ghost distributes cards to guide the psychics, helping them to make the right choices that will allow the investigation to make progress. The psychics receive cards from the ghost and use their intuition to try to correctly interpret his messages.

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       New Game Arrival!
The Published Card Game
Dice Hate Me Games

Unpub: The Published Card Game is a party game where players will use listed themes, mechanics, and components to craft a game idea.  Each round, a publisher uses an element from one of their cards to inspire the designers to pitch a game using two of the other three  elements on cards in their hand. 

The best game pitch gets a publishing contract.

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