Friday, January 8, 2016

Most Popular Games: 2015 4th Quarter Results

For curious minded folks, we have tallied the numbers and below are Off The Charts Games' Top 10 Best Sellers for the 4th quarter ended December 31st.

And the winners are....
To learn about the game just click on the game name below it's picture.

1. Splendor
Space Cowboys
2. Ticket To Ride
Days Of Wonder

3. Catan
Mayfair Games
4. Pandemic
Z-Man Games

5., 6., & 7. Tie
Czech Games Edition 
5., 6., & 7. Tie

5., 6., & 7. Tie
Redneck Life
Gut Bust'in Games

8. Concept
9. Munchkin Nightmare
Before Christmas
Steve Jackson Games

10. & 11. Tie
Z-Man Games
10. & 11. TIe

We are always excited to see which games make Our Best Sellers list.  Not surprisingly, Splendor is again leading our list of Best Sellers. It has been in the #1 slot since it debuted in spring of 2014.  Additionally, it's nice to see the classics like Ticket To RideCarcassonne, and Catan are still being discovered. It's also no suprise to see new games, Mysterium and Codenames make the list as they both sold as fast as we could get stock them.  Classic or new these are all great games.  Come in and find out more about these games.  Many are open and available to try out while you are here.

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