Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Most Popular Games: 2016 2nd Quarter Results

For curious minded folks, we have tallied the numbers and below are our Top 12 Best Sellers at Off The Charts Games for the 2nd quarter ended June 30th.

And our Top 12 best selling board games are....

1. Splendor
Space Cowboys
2. Onitama
Arcane Wonders

3. Pandemic
Z-Man Games
4. Marvel Munchkin
Steve Jackson Games/USAopoly

5. Ticket To Ride
Days Of Wonder
6. firefly Fluxx
Looney Labs

7. & 8. Tie
Ticket To Europe
Days Of Wonder
7. & 8. Tie
Castle Panic
Fireside Games

9. Catan
Catan Studio
10. Codenames
Czech Games Edition

11. Shadows Over Camelot
Days Of Wonder

12. Tie
12. Tie
Mayfair Games

Splendor continued it's amazing run as our #1 seller.  That now makes 8 quarters in a row on top.  Onitama is the top ranked new game.  It is quick, tactical and a ton of fun.  Putting a new theme on a great system propelled Marvel Munchkin and firefly Fluxx into our top sellers list.  Cheers for the classics: PandemicCatan (formally known as Setters of Catan), Ticket To Ride and Ticket To Ride Europe.

To learn about the game just click on the game name below it's picture.  Additionally, we have open an copy of many of these board games in our Games Library for you to come in and try.

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