Thursday, August 4, 2016

Game Arrivals: Aug. 1st - 6th

Here's a look at our most recent game arrivals:

    New Game Arrival!
Beyond Baker Street
Z-Man Games
Beyond Baker Street is a cooperative card game of deduction.  Players are cast as Scotland Yard detectives trying to beat the iconic Sherlock Holmes to the punch in solving the latest murder investigation.  A case file is chosen which determines where your team starts on the Holmes countdown to 0 track.  Additionally, a Suspect, Opportunity, and Motive card are revealed.  With a hand of evidence cards that you cannot look at but are held so that your fellow detectives can see them, the game is now afoot!  Through the various types of actions available, players give clues to each other to get the right number and type of cards played to the Suspect, Motive, and Opportunity cards as each requires.  At the same time you must work to get the evidence track to exactly 20 points in order to confirm your Suspect, Opportunity, and Motive in order to win.  All must be accomplished before the Holmes track reaches 0. Oh any misplays moves the Holmes track closer to 0.

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   New Game Expansion!
Marvel Legendary
Civil War
Upper Deck Entertainment

Civil War is the next expansion to the base game Marvel Legendary, a cooperative deck building game.

Legendary®: Civil War brings a new type of card to the game that will leave players Divided. 
...highlights the classic Marvel Comics story ”Civil War”. The story arc forced superheroes to choose a side. The newest type of card introduced in Civil War will do just that. Matching theme of division and duality, Civil War introduces ”Divided Cards” which have two miniature cards printed on the same card.

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   Micro Game Addition!
The Builders

The Builders Antiquity like The Builders Middle Ages  is the second in a micro game contained in a small metal tin that really doesn’t feel like a small game.

Construct the hanging gardens of Babylon, the pyramids of Egypt, or the theatres and temples of Ancient Greece in The Builders: Antiquity! This portable strategy card game takes you back to ancient times and puts you in charge of building some of the world's greatest monuments. You'll have to hire workers, buy slaves, and send them all to work carving stone and hewing wood. You can give your workers helpful tools, construct machines to make the hard labor of construction easier, or educate your workers to enhance their skills. Finally, you must treat your slaves well and reward them with freedom, or your cruelty will force you to lose points and possibly cost you the victory!

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