Thursday, February 9, 2017

Game Arrivals: Feb. 5th - 10th

Here is a look at this week's board game arrivals:

 New Game Expansion!
T.I.M.E. Stories
Expedition: Endurance
Asmodee/Space Cowboys
 Expedition: Endurance is the 4th scenario to the base game, T.I.M.E. Stories,  a co-operative narrative board game.  Players live adventures in various worlds, through the eyes and characteristics of their character. They have to fight, search, discuss, and be clever and convincing to the characters they meet… and sometimes even the other agents.

Expedition: Endurance
1914 NT:  The ship Endurance is lost at sea!  What really happened to the Imperial Trans-Antartic Expedition?

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Arcane Wonders

Onitama is a 2-player quick-playing abstract strategy game that captures the essence of martial arts.

Onitama is also included in Dice Tower Essentials games line.

Above and Below
Red Raven Games

Above and Below blends town building and storytelling.   You will build your village above ground and explore the cavern below.
Above and Below

Eldritch Horror
Fantasy Flight
Eldritch Horror, a co-operative adventure  board game based on H.P. Lovecraft fiction.  You and your fellow players are investigators who will travel the world solving mysteries in an effort to prevent an evil Ancient One from awakening and destroying the world.  You'll gather clues, encounter strange and mysterious circumstances, battle monsters, and embark on daring expeditions.
Eldritch Horror

Aye, Dark Overlord!
Red Box and Green Box
Aye, Dark Overlord!, the pass-the-blame party card game now in a Red box and Green box version. 
The original Aye, Dark Overlord game now comes in the Red Box. The new Green Box version adds new Hint, Action and Withering Looks cards, as well as introducing new mechanics: Back of the Line and No Way! Action cards. Both of these can be played as a stand-alone game or combined.

Hero Realms
White Wizard Games
Hero Realms is a 2-4 player fantasy themed card game that combines deckbuildng with trading card game-style combat. 

In Hero Realms you'll use gold to add new actions and champions to your deck.  When played, those actions and champions generate powerful effects, give you additional gold, and damage your opponent and their champions.  If you reduce your opponent's health to zero, you win.

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