Thursday, March 23, 2017

Game Arrivals: Week of March 20th - 25th

More of your favorite games arrived this week.

   New Game Arrival!
Munchkin X-Men
Steve Jackson Games/USAopoly
The Marvel Universe has expanded with Munchkin X-Men, a stand-alone game that can also be combined with Munchkin Marvel.

In Munchkin: X-Men Edition, players take on the role of young mutants enrolled at Xavier's School of Gifted Youngsters, starting at Level 1, and work their way up to Level 10 to graduate at the head of their class. Players gain levels by defeating iconic Marvel villains, recruiting Allies such as Wolverine, declaring an X-Affiliation, and using special Powers and Items like Silver Samurai's Katana.

Munchkin X-Men includes 128 Door and Treasure cards, 4 role cards, 4 level trackers, and a custom die.

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  New Game Arrival!
Pyramid Poker
R&R Games
Pyramid Poker is a quick and challenging 2-player poker game that's played with tiles. Players begin by first building a 30-tile pyramid from the 54 custom tiles.  Each player will only know what's on the tiles facing them.  Once constructed, each player will start creating their 3 poker hands.  On a turn you will remove a tile from the pyramid and place it in one of your 3 hand slots.  Play continues until all of the pyramid tiles have been placed in a hand slot.  Win 2 of the 3 match-ups to win the game.

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    Back in Stock!
Flip City
Tasty Minstrel Games

Flip City is a press your luck micro deck-building card game with double-sided cards. On a turn, a player will play cards from the top of their deck, one at a time. When you choose to stop, you may then purchase a new card with any money you earned from played cards or pay to upgrade a card by flipping it over. However, if your played cards have too many unhappiness faces your turn is over. The player who plays 8 victory points worth of cards in a single turn, or meets other conditions, wins the game.

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Other Restocks:

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