Thursday, April 13, 2017

Game Arrivals: Week of April 10th - 15th

Here's a look at this week's game arrivals:

 New Game!
Jump Drive
Rio Grande Games
New from Rio Grande Games is Jump Drive, a 2 to 4 player quick-playing card game set in the Race For The Galaxy universe.

In this hand management card game, players will each build a tableau of cards through explore and build actions. Each card played into your tableau develops and engine that increases both victory points and income.

Watch this video by Zee Garcia  for more on Jump Drive.

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  Back In Stock!
Clank! Sunken Treasure
Renegade Games
Clank! Sunken Treasures is the first expansion to the deck-building game, Clank!

The deck-building adventure of Clank! continues - and this time, get ready to get wet!  Swim through flooded chambers in your search for great treasure. Recruit new companions for your deck. Fight dangerous new monsters on you way to thieving glory. 
A new challenge awaits!

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  Other Restocks!
  • Inis
  • Acquire
  • Pocket Madness
  • Kittens In A Blender

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We proudly serve Gresham and the greater Portland and Vancouver.
We proudly serve Gresham and the greater Portland and Vancouver area.

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