Thursday, September 28, 2017

Game Arrivals: Week of Sept. 25th - 30th

Plenty of restocks this week both in games and in dragon egg dice cups.


Here's what came in this week. Click on the game name to learn more about it:

Cities Of Splendor
Splendor Expansion
Space Cowboys
Discover 4 new ways
to win.
Brotherwise Games
Players balance 2 paths
to victory.

Sheriff Of Nottingham
Merry Men
Arcane Wonders
Modular expansion with
4 new content and a 6th
Dragon Egg Dice Cups
Locally Made
Made of biodegradable
plant plastic. Water resistant.
Comes in various colors
and designs.

Sherlock Holmes
Consulting Detective Agency
Jack The Ripper and
West End Adventures
Cooperative game solving
10 mysterious mysteries.
Sherlock Holmes
Consulting Detective Agency
The Thames Murdersand Other Cases
Cooperative game solving
10 murder mysteries.

Caverna Cave vs Cave
Mayfair Games
A worker placement game
without workers.
Above and Below
Red Raven Games
Blends town building with

Shadows Over Camelot
Days Of Wonder
Join the quests in this
cooperative game with
a malevolent twist.

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