Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Game Profile: Fleet Wharfside

A successful fisherman’s day is not done with the catch.

Classification 2-Player Card Game
Mechanics Set Collection, Hand Management
Publication Eagle-Gryphon Games 2015
Ages 13+
Time 20 - 30
Players 2 - 4

Fleet Wharfside is a small box game that packs a punch. It will be a perfect game to throw into a suitcase or a backpack.  The winner is the player who gathers fish to fill contracts better than everyone else.

The central play area is made up of the Market Place containing market rate cards, contracts and buildings for purchase, and a North and South Wharf and a Goods draw deck. On a turn, players will either go to the Market Place or to one of the Warf’s for their actions.

Players have a hand of cards, up to a maximum of six.  Goods cards represent a type of fish: king crab, lobster, swordfish, tuna, oyster, or shrimp.  These fish will be used to purchase contracts or buildings at the market.  Additionally, they will be used to fulfill your purchased contracts.  Each contract has an assigned victory points value and requires a combination of from 3 to 5 fish to fulfill with each contract’s mix of fish unique. Contracts with more fish score better than those with less.  Trophies are awarded for being the first or second to fulfill a type of contract.  Contracts also provide a special ability that a player can use until that contract is fulfilled.

The Market Place is constantly changing.  Not only does a new contract get added each time a contract is purchased but the market rate on one of the available contracts will change as well.  The incoming contract will determine which rate slot is changed.

Other ways to score points is to buy buildings which can be expensive requiring 4 fish of a particular type but yield many points. Building do not provide any special abilities. Additionally, the captain you are dealt at the start of the game will specify a particular fish that you will receive bonus points for on each of your completed contracts.

We have an open copy of Fleet Wharfside available in our Demo Games Library for you come in and try.

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