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Game Arrivals: Sept. 8, 2018

Here are our recent game arrivals:

New Game
Warsaw: City Of Ruins
North Star Games
New from North Star Games is Warsaw: City of Ruins, a city-building, tile-drafting, tile-laying strategy game based on the Warsaw's unique architecture; a culmination of elegant buildings from Saxon times, both World Wars, socialist blocks, and modern day.

Warsaw: City Of Ruins is played over 6 rounds or epochs with 2 phases to each round - construction and income.  The rounds are marked by 6 stacks of city tiles and 5 milestone landmark tiles. During the game each player will construct a 3x4 grid of tiles that will make up their district. Each tile is divided into 4 quarters with one or more of the 7 types of buildings on it. During the construction phase, players will simultaneously select one of the tiles from their hand and either discard it for money or pay its cost and place it in their district according to the rules of placement. One of the rules of placement provides that a player may place a building over the top of an exiting one by paying the cost difference.
Next they will pass their hand of tiles to the player to the right or left depending on the turn number. Play continues in this manner until the hand of tiles has been exhausted. 
During the income phase the milestone landmark specific to that round will be awarded to the player who meets its criteria which can then be placed in their district. Next, players receive victory points and income according to the types of areas and buildings within their district. Additionally, public buildings and landmarks provide special abilities.
Play continues in this manner of construction and income/points through each of the stacks of tiles with two exceptions. At the end of round 3 and round 4 players will suffer the destruction of part of their district through the consequences of World I and World II respectively.  At the end of round 6 the player with the most points wins.

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 New Game Series Addition
Fairy Tale Fluxx
Looney Labs
Fairy Tale Fluxx is the latest in the Fluxx  family card game series, a game of ever-changing rules.  Welcome to the land of happily ever-after where you'll gather Keepers to fit the current fairy tale goal in order to win. You must also watch out for the witch and the wolf. Artwork on the cards is by Mary Engelbreit, a graphic artist and illustrator.

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 New Game Expansion
Clank! In  Space
Renegade Games

The deck-building adventure of Clank! In Space continues with Apocalypse, the first expansion.  Apocalypse expansion includes 2 double-sided game board modules, new adventure cards and scheme cards.  Small pockets of resistance continue to oppose Lord Eradikus, but the evil cyborg now plots to wipe them out with one grand and wicked scheme. Thwart the efforts of Lord Eradikus, reap the rewards of noble heroism, save the galaxy, and get rich in the process.

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 New Game Expansion
5-6 Player Exp.
Floodgate Games

Now you can take your Sagrada game to 5 and 6 players with this 5-6 Player Expansion. This expansion includes 2 player boards, 40 additional dice, 6 window pattern cards, 2 new tool cards, 6 new objective cards, and a dice tray.
Additionally, this expansion adds a Private Dice Pool variant. With this variant players are given a private dice pool board that holds 2 dice of each color. During setup players will roll these dice and place them on their board.  The number of dice now going into the draft pool bag is reduced. Game play consists of only 1 turn per round with these available actions A) select one dice from the draft pool, B) select one dice from your private dice board, C) use one tool card. Each action can only be taken once on your turn but you can take all three.

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 New Game Expansion
Orléans 5th Player Box
Tasty Minstrel Games
The Orléans 5th Player Box expansion provides the necessary components to add a fifth player to Orléans, as well as the solo scenario The Voyage to Tours.

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 New Game Series Addition
Epic Spell Wars
Panic At The Pleasure Palace
Panic At The Pleasure Palace is the 4th in the Epic Spell Wars Battle card game series of battle wizards.  Fully compatible with previous releases, or played standalone, this latest set has over 150 cards that include 8 new wizards and magically transmitted diseases to combine into three-piece combos.

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 New Adventure Book
Dungeons & Dragons
Waterdeep Dragon Heist
Wizards Of The Coast
Waterdeep Dragon Heist is the latest book in the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition RPG.
Famed explorer Volothamp Geddarm needs you to complete a simple quest.  Thus begins a mad romp through the wards of Waterdeep as you uncover a villainous plot involving some of the city's most influential figures.
A grand urban caper awaits you.  Pit your skill and bravado against villains the likes of which you've never faced before, and let the dragon hunt begin.

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