Thursday, June 27, 2019

Game and Jigsaw Puzzles Arrivals: June 26th

Come in and see this week's arrival of games and mystery jigsaw puzzles.

Concept Kids
Adding to our available kids games is Concept Kids: Animals, a cooperative deduction game for ages 4 and up. This game is adapted from the adult Concept version and is especially great for children who cannot read yet and plays in about 20 minutes.

In a game of Concept Kids: Animals each person is trying to guess the most animals.  The active player will be the guesser.  The other players will draw a stack of 12 animal cards and look at them keeping them secret from the guessing player.  One animal card at a time, they will only use the icons on the game board to give clues regarding this animal's identity.  These icons include size, shape, colors, etc.  With no talking allowed see how many cards you can get the guesser to identify.
Once they've gone through the stack of cards the guessing player is done.  The next player becomes the active guessing player and 12 new cards are drawn for them to guess.  Play continues until each player has had a turn at guessing.

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Imperial Settlers Roll and Write
Portal Games

Adding to our roll and write games is Imperial Settlers Roll & Write, an engine building game set in the Imperial Settlers universe.  You will roll the dice to get resources and with these resources build buildings.  The objective is to create an engine with the special abilities each constructed building provides.  For example, with a constructed Flea Market you will gain 3 victory points if each Resource die shows a different result.

The games comes with a standard mode with 48 sheets for players to use as well as a solo play Adventure mode with separate sheets each uniquely designed with different buildings and abilities.

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Mystery Jigsaw Puzzles
Bepuzzled Classics
Back in stock are the Bepuzzled Classics line of mystery jigsaw puzzles. With these puzzles  you will read a short booklet about a mystery.  Next you'll assemble the puzzle to reveal the clues that will help you solve the mystery.

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