Thursday, July 11, 2019

Game Arrivals: July 8th - 12th

Here is this weeks game arrivals:

Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle
Defense Against The Dark Arts
Wizarding World

New from Wizarding World is Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle: Defense Against The Dark Arts, a two player competitive deck-building game.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle
Defense Against The Dark Arts

In this fast-paced game, players take turns playing cards, taking actions, and acquiring new cards to build a more powerful deck as their defensive skills improve.  Stun your opponent three times to win.

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Leder Games
Finally after being missing in action for a long time, Root: A Game Of Woodland Might and Right is back in stock.  Root is a two to four player game where players attempt to rule a fantastic forest kingdom in the ultimate asymmetric game of adventure and war. Each player has unique capabilities and a different victory condition.  With a double sided game board you can choose to play in autumn or winter. Play one of these four factions:
  • Marquise De Cat - dominate the woods, extracting its riches and policing its inhabitants.
  • Eyrie Dynasties - regain control of the woods while keeping your squabbling court at bay.
  • Woodland Alliance - gather supporters and coordinate revolts against the ruling regime.
  • Vagabond - seek fame and fortune as you forge alliances and rivalries with the other players.
Following Vast: the Crystal Caverns, Root is the second game in Leder Games' line of asymmetric designed games.

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