Thursday, July 4, 2019

Game Arrivals: Week of July 2nd

Come in and check out these new game arrivals from Renegade Games:

Proving Grounds
Renegade Games
Proving Grounds is the first in a planned series of single-player games by Renegade Games.  Designed by Kane Klenko (Fuse, Flatline), Proving Grounds is a real-time dice game that merges narrative and gameplay in a new way.  The events of the game are set through novella, Only the Strongest Has the Heart of a Wizened Queen.  You take on the role of Maia Strongheart fighting to ascend to the Sun Throne.

Proving Grounds
Proving Grounds contains a training game and six different gameplay modules.  Once you've learn the basics, add a single module or mix and match to your tastes.  If you're feeling truly adventurous, put them all together for a true test of your gladiatorial combat skills!  - Renegade Games

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Acquisitions Incorporated
Upper Management Pack
Renegade Games/Dire Wolf Digital
Upper Management Pack is a four character expansion pack that can be used with the original game Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure or with the upcoming Clank! Legacy: Acquistions Incorprated.  Included in this expansion pack are four character figures each with a unique 10-card deck that reflects their professional thieving talents.

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  • Dixit - Quest
  • Dixit - Odessey
  • The Good, The Bad, The Munchkin
  • Steampunk Munchkin

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