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Game Arrivals: Sept. 9th - 13th

Here's a look at some of the games that arrived in this week:

Renegade Games
ArtSee is a card drafting, set collection card game for two to five players.  Players are curators of fine art that are expanding their galleries with new exhibits of abstract, landscape, portraits, and still life works to attack more visitors.  During the game, players will build out their art galleries with new exhibits among the four wings of your gallery.

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A Roll Player Tale
Thunderworks Games
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Lockup: A Roll Player Tale is a competitive worker-placement game for one to five players set in the Roll Player universe. In the game, players manage groups of minions: gnolls, kobolds, bugbears, goblins, or insectoids all locked up in Kulbak Prison.  A double-sided board features streamlined play for one to two players and three to five players.

Each round, players try to keep their suspicion from the guards under control while allocating their crew to different locations within Kulbak. The player with the strongest crew in each location at the end of each round gains the most resources, hires the most powerful crew, and builds the most powerful items, increases their reputation. The player with the highest reputation at the end of six rounds, wins the game.

Lockup: A Role Player Tale
Play takes place over three phases in each round:
  • Roll Call - Players take turns placing their minions in different parts of the prison, some face up showing a unit's strength and some face down, hiding the strength from the other players.
  • Lights Out - Each area with minions is scored based on the strength of each player's crew. Players receive resources and have the opportunity to recruit goons and build items.
  • Patrol Phase - New resources are placed on the game board, and the guards patrol the dungeon. Players with high suspicion are raided, and their chambers are searched.

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Arcane Wonders
Architectura is a city-building card game for two to four players in which players will create a grid of city streets and blocks.  This is a highly interactive, easy to learn, card game with two two game variants.

During the game a central city grid will be constructed made up of eight columns by a number of rows equal to the number of players. In the basic game each player will have the same hand of 12 building cards in their player color. Each card has its own value, and may change during the course of the game as other cards are placed adjacent, and a special effect. During the game players take turns placing a building card from their hand into the city following placement rules.  Each building when placed will affect the value of the adjacent buildings and can even destroy them. The game ends when there are no eligible spaces for a card to be played. Players then calculate their final scores by adding the top values showing on all of their buildings in the city. The player with the highest total wins.

You can take the game to the next level of play in the second game variant. In addition to each player's 12 basic building cards the game provides each player another set of 12 advanced building cards that can be used interchangeable to create their own hand of 12 cards.

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Clank! Expeditions
Temple of the Ape Lords
Renegade Games
Expeditions: Temple of the Ape Lords is the next expansion for the base game Clank!a deck-building, dungeon crawling, press your luck adventure played out on a game board. 
For those who have a thirst for plunder the Expeditions expansions offer a series of boards to continue your deck-building adventure. Following the Expeditions: Gold and Silk expansion,  Temple of the Ape Lords takes you deep into the jungle with another board of more valuable relics of this lost civilization.  However, navigating the mechanized passages in this expansion may prove very tricky.

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Las Vegas Royale
In celebration of it's 20 year anniverary, Las Vegas the interactive dice game with easy rules and an interesting game variation has gone Royale.  

Las Vegas Royale

In addition to it's classic game, the
Royale Edition adds new game options with a dice arena, double sided tiles, and chips to provide a more involved game.  Randomly select three of the 8 double-sided tiles and place one at casinos one, two, and three. These tiles have special abilities on them, and when dice are placed on them, players can activate the special ability of that tile. The expansion components also include a larger than normal die for each player that counts as two dice.

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Puerto Rico Deluxe
Rio Grande Games/Ravensburger

Puerto Rico
is now available in a Deluxe edition. The classic game has gotten new artwork and redesigned components that include metal coins and wooden crates.  Additionally, included are the two expansions: New Buildings, and The Nobles.

Puerto Rico

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