Friday, January 10, 2020

Game Arrivals: Jan. 9th

We're working hard at getting all of your favorite games back in stock while also adding some new ones. 
Here is this week's arrivals:

Oceans Deluxe Edition
Northstar Games Studio

New in is Oceans Deluxe Edition, a stand-alone strategy game in Northstar Games Studio's  Evolution game series.  This deluxe edition contains extra foiled scenario and deep cards, 5-6 player expansion, card sleeves, and more.

publisher description
Oceans depicts the interconnected ecosystem of marine life and combines it with the powerful mysteries of the unknown.  It features an introductory game for those wishing to dip their toes in the water before diving into deeper strategies. 
Enter a vast, underwater cosmos: a mysterious interconnected world of tentacles, sharp teeth, and black ink, where your survival depends on your ability to adapt.  Players will each create a vibrant web of marine life in a continually changing  environment.

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Terraforming Mars Turmoil
Stronghold Games

New in is Terraforming Mars Turmoil, the fifth expansion to the base game Terraforming Mars.  The previous expansions are: Colonies, Prelude, Hellas & Elysium, and Venus Next. 

In Turmoil players get involved in politics and navigate in a changing world.  Delegates influence the Terraforming Committee, and Global Events set the path to the future.  It also includes new cards and corporations.

The Turmoil expansion is an Expert Expansion and can be combined with any of the other Terraforming Mars expansions.  This expansion also adds about an extra 30 minutes to the game length.

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