Monday, May 25, 2020

Game Arrivals: May 22nd

As the board game industry slowly get operations going again, we have been able to get some product in.  Here is what recent arrivals:

Blue Orange Games
Back in stock is Planet.  A world is taking shape in the palm of your hands.  Two to four players take on the role of super brings and compete to create perfect worlds with the ideal conditions for wildlife to flourish.  In this unique game, each player's board is a 12-sided 3-dimensional planet core.  Over the course of the game you'll select landscape magnetic landscape tiles that represent oceans, deserts, mountains and frozen lands and arrange them on our planet.  The objective is to create the best ecosystems.  Win animal cards while fulfilling your secret natural habitat objective.

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The City
Eagle-Gryphon Games
The City is a 30 minute city building card game for 2 to 5 players.

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In The City, players try to quickly and skillfully build their own city over the rounds, bringing in revenue and victory points (VPs). The cards are both buildings and currency, and the first player to collect 50 victory points wins the game. Victory points are cumulative from round to round, so a fast start yields a big advantage.

Each turn, each player places a card from his hand face down, then all cards are simultaneously revealed. The cards show the buildings that the players want to build that round; building costs are paid for by discarding other cards. Some buildings provide income at the end of the round in the form of new cards, with certain buildings increasing the income provided by others; similarly, some buildings boost the VPs provided by others, with a University, for example, being worth one more VP for each School you have in play.

Certain buildings have symbols on them – car, fountain, shopping cart - and the income and VPs provided by some buildings depends on how many symbols you have in play; the Autobahn, for example, is worth one dollar (i.e., card) and one VP for each car symbol you control.

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Letter Jam
Czech Games Edition

Letter Jam is a cooperative word game for 2 to 6 players.

publisher description
In each round, every player has a letter that everyone else can see. But no one can see their own letter!
Players try to find words that can be made with the letters they see. The player with the best clue spells it by marking the letters with numbered tokens. Your letter’s position in the clue helps you guess what it might be. Then you can move on to a new one! Guess them all before clues run out, and unscramble your hidden word.

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Czech Games Edition
Trapwords is a fast-paced dungeon crawl with traps, curses, and a monster for two teams.  You will need at least two players on each team.  Your task seems simple.  You are given a word, and you need your teammates to guess it.  But the other team has already seen your word, and they have made a list of trapwords that you can't say.  You don't know what's on their list.  And oh by the way, there is a time limit. As your team succeeds, you advance deeper into the dungeon where you will encounter more trapwords and additional challenges. When your team starts the round in the same room as the monster, you have a chance to win the game. The monster has a special rule that will apply to your team during that round. If both teams are in the room with the monster, the rule applies to both teams.  There are eight rounds to run through the dungeon and defeat the monster. 
Trapwords has 2 sets of words to choose to play: a set of regular words and a set with a fantasy theme.

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Czech Games Edition

Pictomania is a drawing game for 3 to 5 players. Everyone draws, everyone guesses at the same time.  No one has time to draw a complex masterpiece. The player who can sketch the essence of a word with a few lines will have more time to figure out the another players' drawings.  There are 99 double-sided word cards in four difficulty levels.  Each card has a list of words numbered from 1 to 7.  Three cards will be placed in the card holder for everyone to see.  Each player is secretly assigned one of these words to draw.  All players draw their assigned words.  When you think you know which word an opponent is drawing you make a guess using a numbered guessing card.  Being early and being right in making your guesses yields higher points.

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Other Restocks:

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