Saturday, May 9, 2020

Game Night Home Version: May 8th

During this period of closure, our in-store Friday Night Game Nights have gone to a Home 
Version. We encourage people to play their favorite games at home and then post results, and maybe a picture to our Off The Charts Games Facebook page. This way we stayed connected to our gaming family.

Week 8: May 8, 2020

Here's what our gamer's played and posted:

Stone Age
(Lynn and Ron)
Ticket To Ride
(Lynn and Ron)

Santa Maria

Santa Maria
(Lynn and Ron)
Lynn comment: "The winds prevailed for Ron in Santa Maria taking him to victory. Lynn was the train master in Ticket To Ride and the ultimate cavewoman in Stone Age."

(Resa, SP Susie, and Ryan)
Viscounts Of The
West Kingdom
(Resa, SP Susie, and Ryan)

Skull and Shackles
Adventure Card Game
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game
Marlo Comment: "Barely managed to win a scenario in Pathfinder: ACG. Only had two turns left. (I haven't even got past the intro scenarios!) There were so many 1's getting rolled!"

P I 
(Ruthie, SP Susie)
(SP Susie, Ruthie)

SP Susie Comments: "Taught Ruthie how to play P.I. and she whooped me because I used more investigators which broke the tie. She wants everyone to know she is THE master crime solver!"

SP: "I also taught Ruthie how to play her new purchase of Splendor. I decided that I had to win something so 1st place Susie for this one!"

Stuffed Fables
(Brian and Laurie)

Brian Comment: " Laurie and I played a chapter of Stuffed Fables. We were successful, but not before Laurie's character was stunned once. Dispatched one Boss enemy with three red dice (the overspray of destruction would have dispatched the minion standing behind the Boss, but the rules don't allow that...)."

Dinosaur Island
Totally Liquid
Dinosaur Island Totally Liquid
(Amber and Tyler)

Solar Draft
Ron Comment: "Got in a couple of games of Solar Draft for our finale."
Solar Draft
(Ron and Lynn)

Great Games and Great Fun!

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