Sunday, August 16, 2020

Game Night Home Version: Aug. 14th

During this period of coronavirus, our in-store Friday Night Game Night sessions have gone to a Home Version. We encourage people to play their favorite games at home and then post results, any comments, and maybe a picture to our Off The Charts Games Facebook page. This way we stay connected to our gaming families and share in the fun.

Week 22:  Aug. 14, 2020

Here is what our gamers played this week(end) and posted to our Facebook page:

Both Tiny Towns and Lanterns: The Harvest Festival played by Allison and Daniel.

Hayden and Shawntel played Hadara.

Village and Carcassonne: The Castle played by Ron and Lynn.
Garrett also played Village with the 2 expansions, Village Port and Village Inn.


Marlo played Planet, Heaven & Ale, and Faux-Cabulary.

Raccoon Tycoon played by Jeremy and Elizabeth.

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