Monday, October 12, 2020

Game Night Home Version: Oct. 9th

Due to the current status of the Covid pandemic, our in-store Friday Night Game Night sessions continue as a Home Version. We encourage people to play their favorite games at home and then post results, any comments, and maybe a picture to our Off The Charts Games Facebook page. This way we stay connected to our gaming families and share in the fun.

Week 30:  Oct. 9, 2020

Here are the games that our gaming community played during the week and weekend and shared to our Facebook page:

Isle Of Cats

Ron and Lynn played Isle Of Cats, a purr-fect polyomino tile laying game.

Daniel played Aftermath, a cooperative adventure book game.

Dice Forge

Carrie and family played Dice Forge, a dice crafting game.

Ron and Lynn played Villages Of Valeria, a city-building card game.  They also played Kingdom Builder, a network-building game with modular game boards.

Brian and Laurie played Chocolatiers, a 2-player card game with card drafting, set collection, and pattern building.
They also played Trekking The World, a globe trotting race to visit world-renowned locations and collect rare souvenirs game.

Marlo and his brother played Patchwork, a 2-player polyomino game of piecing together a quilt without leaving holes.  They also played Kingdomino, a family-friendly game of building your own kingdom with domino-shaped tiles.


Rising Sun

Jordan played Rising Sun, a game of negotiations, combat, monsters, and favors.

S.D. Group played several games:  Carpe Diem, a city-building game with tile drafting and tile laying - - La Isla, a hand management, set collection game where you deploy your explorers to an island of extinct species, - - Finca, a colorful set collection board game of harvesting fruit and delivering to the various cities on the Spanish island of Mallorca.


Andrew and his wife played T.I.M.E. Storiesa co-operative narrative board game.  They also played Clank!, a deck-building dungeon crawling, press your luck adventure played out on a game board.

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