Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Game Profile: Forum Trajanum


Publisher:  HUCH!, 2018
Players:  2 – 4
Time:  60 – 120 Min.

Forum Trajanum is a game about building your own colonia and sending envoys to Rome. The game requires frequent and difficult decisions.  It generally flows at a good pace because the actual mechanics are neither complex nor all that time consuming.  There is some tile selection to open spaces on your colonia board.  There is resource management in the shape of coins and seven different types of citizens.  There is tile-laying in your colonia that can trigger additional actions and additional points.  During the course of the game there are multiple ways to collect points.  There is always something positive you can do with your turn.
At the beginning of a round, players will select two face down envoy tiles from their colonia.  These tiles will indicate specific resources.  Selection of where to draw them from is important as it will open up spaces for future building.  They will choose one of these two tiles to keep and one to pass to the player on their right.  On their turn, a player will select one of the two tiles: either the one they kept or the one they received to play and one to discard. Note, there is a cost to be able to keep and play both tiles. Next, they can use their citizens to construct a building in their colonia.  This building can trigger another action either when sending an envoy to Rome or when moving on one of four special benefits tracks located on the main game board.  There are three cycles in the game with each consisting of four rounds.  Scoring takes place at the end of each cycle.  There are two unique scoring methods in each of the three cycles.  These are revealed at the start of the game so you know what you need to accomplish.  Additionally, points are scored for gray buildings by row in your colonia.  Envoys are used to scored based on their position in Rome on the main board.  After the third cycle, the player with the most victory points wins.
Forum Trajanum marries relatively simple mechanics with some real tough decisions.  Invariably, players will always have to pass an envoy tiles that they want to keep.  They will also have to discard envoy tiles they want to play.  Each turn you see three envoy tiles and will only be able to play 1, and possibly 2 with the sacrifice of two citizens.  Each and every decision is important.  It is fun to try to figure out how to best work you citizens in order to end up with the win in this thought-provoking game.

Forum Trajanum

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